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He was the sexy protector. The man who made me feel complete.

And he was about to become my baby’s father.

That was, if he decided to take a chance on us.


Benjamin Walker was unexpected, and so were the changes he brought to my life. My focus should be on my new business, not the positive pregnancy test that came with the man stealing my heart.

But we had more than caring for a baby to figure out.

Between slaying dragons from his past, trying to close down the drug cartel that was haunting our small town, and fighting against his feelings for me and our baby, I wasn’t sure he was willing to take a chance on us.



She was the one woman who could save me from me.

The one that turned my life on its axis and forced me to reevaluate what I thought I knew about love.

But having a baby was never part of my plans.


I was my father’s son, after all. A product of hate and viciousness.

If you needed me to face a drug cartel, I was your man. If you needed me to despise the man who tried to eliminate me when I was a kid, you could count on me.

I had yet to learn how to be the man Isabella Turner and our baby deserved, the man who knew how to take chances.

Then I got cocky.

Drunk on her love and acceptance, I took one too many chances and miscalculated the risks my past could bring to our doorstep.

I thought I could gamble with life and come out unscathed.

Newsflash: life won.






He was my new boss.

The older single father whose daughter I was supposed to babysit.

The man that made my days unforgettable. Until his past caught up to us.


Daniel Delgado was a protector, a caregiver. Falling in love with him was as easy as falling in love with his daughter.

He loved with everything he had and he was willing to do whatever it took to protect his loved ones. Myself included. But some dangers couldn’t be fought off.

Between dodging his vindictive ex-wife and going to war against the drug and human trafficking cartel that was threatening us, we might’ve been unable to come out unscathed. Or even alive.

By the end of it all, we had a lot of days we couldn’t forget. Not all of them were good.



She was too young for me.

Too free to be tied to my baggage.

She was also too enticing for me to ignore, and soon enough my daughter wasn’t the only one falling for the nanny.


Lisa Specter was more than a breath of fresh air. She was my balm, my peace, my partner for life. She colored my daughter’s face with the same ease she adorned my life.

I couldn’t stay away from her despite my best efforts.

But there were a lot of reasons why us being together was dangerous. My past was coming for us. My job was threatening our lives. My feelings for her were risking our future.

For better or for worse, some days were supposed to leave a mark on our lives. Meeting Lisa was one of the best days I lived. But the dangerous seesaw we called life had surely worked its number on us.

Because the day I watched her life drain right before me?

That was one day I could never forget.

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